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For me, a sewing machine is everything... At the age of nine, I sat down for the first time before my mom’s sewing machine. When I was 13, I joined a sewing school in my native Buenos Aires, where I learned everything about fabrics, dressmaking and patterns. For when it was time for college, I decided to study law, but after 3 years I dropped out and I began taking painting classes. Around that time, I met the one that was going to be my husband, and has been the love of my life for 25 years, Walter Bravo. He is my friend, my confident, my everything.

In 1989, we made the big move coming to this country where I became pregnant; Walter began to work in the clothing industry.My life made a radical change. Everything was new for me: the people, the culture, the meals, the cities. It was such an intense period of adaptation, and for a good amount of time, I had no energy to do any of the activities that I always loved to do. Until Walter got me my first sewing machine, and came back to life! When I saw the “magic" that could be made from triangles and squares, I was completely hooked to quilting!I never took a class, but with time,I learned a lot about “traditional quilting” techniques.

I am convinced that everybody is born “to do something” in life. It is possible that, -in the path of life-, you will have some twists and turns at some moments; but at the end, you will always find your purpose, your destiny, your place. This is what I was born to do, and I am sure that this is what I will do for the rest of my life. Moreover, I am blessed with the privilege of working at something that excites me. But I feel happier for being able to share my passion for sewing and fabrics with all of you, because I think that the excitement that women have on creating their own projects becomes a passion they translate to their family and friends. This is a passion we all want to pass to our children as a legacy... the passion for "handmade with fabrics”.Within years, my taste was evolving. I began to “cross the bridge” towards art quilts, first with landscapes and with time my style became more abstract. I had a hard time finding color variations in batiks, so I decided to paint my own fabrics. Quilters loved them, and not too long after that we started producing them commercially. The rest is history....

Walter and Patricia Bravo, founders and owners of Art Gallery Fabrics

Pat Bravo