Pat Bravo

Free Projects | Tips & Tutorials

Whether you're a sewing rookie or a quilting wizard, tips and tricks always come in handy. Enjoy these wonderful tutorials for some fun, easy ways to add a little "Oomph" to your projects!

  • Applying a Zipper Great for interior parts of a garment,
    pillow covers, clutches, and handbag pockets!
  • Rosette Flower-Making An easy method to making beautiful fabric
    flowers for tunics, handbags, or quilts!
  • Continuous Binding An easy method for one
    of the most tedious steps in quilting!
  • Needles 101 Everything you need to know about your sewing machine needles, from care to different styles!
  • Curved Seams Add a sense of movement and appeal by
    applying curved shapes in your blocks!
Pat Bravo