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Alhambra II brings back some of the original collection with a modern twist on the color palettes that will transport you to a different world. This new Alhambra is more vibrant, but still delicate, keeping the concept of urban nature.


Alhambra II - Sky Palette

  • AH-320 Tile Reflections ButterAH-320
    Tile Reflections Butter
  • AH-321 Mazy Bricks TealAH-321
    Mazy Bricks Teal
  • AH-322 Endless Chains Sky AH-322
    Endless Chains Sky
  • AH-323 Granada Arches Green AH-323
    Granada Arches Green
  • AH-324 Palace Conversation Lime AH-324
    Palace Conversation Lime
  • AH-325 Spanish Petals Blue AH-325
    Spanish Petals Blue
  • AH-326 Arabesque Wallpaper Ivory AH-326
    Arabesque Wallpaper Ivory
  • AH-327 Cashmere Cameo Night AH-327
    Cashmere Cameo Night
  • AH-328 Moorish Blooms Aqua AH-328
    Moorish Blooms Aqua


Alhambra II - Garden Palette

  • AH-420 Tile Reflections Olive AH-420
    Tile Reflections Olive
  • AH-421 Mazy Bricks Yellow AH-421
    Mazy Bricks Yellow
  • AH-422 Endless Chains Teal AH-422
    Endless Chains Teal
  • AH-423 Granada Arches Cream AH-423
    Granada Arches Cream
  • AH-424 Palace Conversation Berry AH-424
    Palace Conversation Berry
  • AH-425 Spanish Petals Buttercup AH-425
    Spanish Petals Buttercup
  • AH-426 Arabesque Wallpaper Green AH-426
    Arabesque Wallpaper Green
  • AH-427 Cashmere Cameo Garden AH-427
    Cashmere Cameo Garden
  • AH-428 Moorish Blooms Purple AH-428
    Moorish Blooms Purple
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