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Capturing the expression of the maker’s heart and the objects created. Artisan is a celebration of the unstyled that links etching florals, wood carving and denim rustic textures in a handcrafted dance. It features a bohemian color palette with denim blue, lumberjack red & raw sienna as the notes that paint these textiles.


Artisan - Denim

  • ART-43100 Ad Lib Blooms ShoutART-43100
    Ad Lib Blooms Shout
  • ART-43101 Pyrography SinopiaART-43101
    Pyrography Sinopia
  • ART-43102 Betoken Shines ART-43102
    Betoken Shines
  • ART-43103 Mahogany Blocks ART-43103
    Mahogany Blocks
  • ART-43104 Woodburn Groove Dense ART-43104
    Woodburn Groove Dense
  • ART-43105 Intertwill Fervence ART-43105
    Intertwill Fervence
  • ART-43106 Fleuron Etch Crimson ART-43106
    Fleuron Etch Crimson
  • ART-43107 Aged Allure Washed ART-43107
    Aged Allure Washed
  • ART-43108 Collar Ends Copper ART-43108
    Collar Ends Copper
  • ART-43110 Embellishments Gild ART-43110
    Embellishments Gild



Artisan - Wood

  • ART-53100 Ad Lib Blooms Quiet ART-53100
    Ad Lib Blooms Quiet
  • ART-53101 Pyrography Poplar ART-53101
    Pyrography Poplar
  • ART-53102 Betoken Sparks ART-53102
    Betoken Sparks
  • ART-53104 Woodburn Groove Crisp ART-53104
    Woodburn Groove Crisp
  • ART-53105 Intertwill Patience ART-53105
    Intertwill Patience
  • ART-53106 Fleuron Etch Autumn ART-53106
    Fleuron Etch Autumn
  • ART-53107 Aged Allure Raw ART-53107
    Aged Allure Raw
  • ART-53108 Collar Ends Bronze ART-53108
    Collar Ends Bronze
  • ART-53109 Pyrography North ART-53109
    Pyrography North
  • ART-53110 Embellishments Opal ART-53110
    Embellishments Opal




  • K-43107 Aged Allure Washed K-43107
    Aged Allure Washed
  • K-53105 Intertwill Patience K-53105
    Intertwill Patience
  • K-53108 Collar Ends Bronze K-53108
    Collar Ends Bronze
  • K-53109 Pyrography North K-53109
    Pyrography North




  • V-53100 Ad Lib Blooms Quiet V-53100
    Ad Lib Blooms Quiet
Pat Bravo