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Exotic florals and sumptuous medallions in lavish purples, gold and deep teal give a feel of mysterious elegance to this Moroccan-inspired collection. Create your own sanctuary with these exotic prints.


Bazaar Style - Oasis Palette

  • BA-300 Exotic Flora DeepBA-300
    Exotic Flora Deep
  • BA-301 Gems OceanBA-301
    Gems Ocean
  • BA-302 Medallion Iron BA-302
    Medallion Iron
  • BA-303 Bellydancer Sky BA-303
    Bellydancer Sky
  • BA-304 Imperial Turquoise BA-304
    Imperial Turquoise
  • BA-305 Sahara Stars Blue BA-305
    Sahara Stars Blue
  • BA-306 Moroccan Streets Day BA-306
    Moroccan Streets Day
  • BA-307 Moorish Rug Lilac BA-307
    Moorish Rug Lilac
  • BA-308 Moorish Rug Aqua BA-308
    Moorish Rug Aqua
  • BA-309 Mosaic Purple BA-309
    Mosaic Purple


Bazaar Style - Desert Palette

  • BA-400 Exotic Flora Rich BA-400
    Exotic Flora Rich
  • BA-401 Gems Terra BA-401
    Gems Terra
  • BA-402 Medallion Golden BA-402
    Medallion Golden
  • BA-403 Bellydancer Sand BA-403
    Bellydancer Sand
  • BA-404 Imperial Fuchsia BA-404
    Imperial Fuchsia
  • BA-405 Sahara Stars Pink BA-405
    Sahara Stars Pink
  • BA-406 Moroccan Streets Night BA-406
    Moroccan Streets Night
  • BA-407 Moorish Rug Green BA-407
    Moorish Rug Green
  • BA-409 Mosaic Cream BA-409
    Mosaic Cream
  • BA-410 Mosaic Rose BA-410
    Mosaic Rose
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