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Garden inspired fabrics that reflect nature's organic essence... A fusion of branches, leaves, blossoms, flowers & captivating color palettes bring about a unique appeal to there prints.


Botanica - Green Palette

  • BO-1151 Marshmallow Lacy RosettesBO-1151
    Marshmallow Lacy Rosettes
  • BO-1152 Coral Cherry PalmsBO-1152
    Coral Cherry Palms
  • BO-1153 Salmon Deco Flowers BO-1153
    Salmon Deco Flowers
  • BO-1154 Willow Blooms Garden BO-1154
    Willow Blooms Garden
  • BO-1155 Blush Blossom Medallions BO-1155
    Blush Blossom Medallions
  • BO-1156 Dark Foliage Filigree BO-1156
    Dark Foliage Filigree
  • BO-1157 Moss Falling Buds BO-1157
    Moss Falling Buds
  • BO-1158 Rose Tendril Mesh BO-1158
    Rose Tendril Mesh
  • BO-1159 Earth Rounded Seeds BO-1159
    Earth Rounded Seeds


Botanica - Coral Palette

  • BO-2151 Green Lacy Rosettes BO-2151
    Green Lacy Rosettes
  • BO-2152 Beige Cherry Palms BO-2152
    Beige Cherry Palms
  • BO-2153 Vert Deco Flowers BO-2153
    Vert Deco Flowers
  • BO-2154 White Blooms Garden BO-2154
    White Blooms Garden
  • BO-2155 Olive Blossom Medallions BO-2155
    Olive Blossom Medallions
  • BO-2156 Light Foliage Filigree BO-2156
    Light Foliage Filigree
  • BO-2157 Brown Falling Buds BO-2157
    Brown Falling Buds
  • BO-2158 Grassy Tendril Mesh BO-2158
    Grassy Tendril Mesh
  • BO-2159 Petal Rounded Seeds BO-2159
    Petal Rounded Seeds
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