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Shabby Chic comes back to life more romantic than ever! The basics of this beautiful style of decoration are transformed with new color schemes and designs that will inspire the quilter or home dec savvy.


Dashing Roses - Pink Porcelain Palette

  • DR-300 Petal Pink FloralDR-300
    Petal Pink Floral
  • DR-301 Taupe Stenciled PetalsDR-301
    Taupe Stenciled Petals
  • DR-302 Brilliant Medallions DR-302
    Brilliant Medallions
  • DR-303 Olive Lace Ribbons DR-303
    Olive Lace Ribbons
  • DR-304 Pink Antique Ovals DR-304
    Pink Antique Ovals
  • DR-305 Pear Vines DR-305
    Pear Vines
  • DR-306 Eggshell Trellis DR-306
    Eggshell Trellis
  • DR-307 Dark Scrolls DR-307
    Dark Scrolls


Dashing Roses - Amber Porcelain Palette

  • DR-400 Willow Green Floral DR-400
    Willow Green Floral
  • DR-401 Cream Stenciled Petals DR-401
    Cream Stenciled Petals
  • DR-402 Dusty Medallions DR-402
    Dusty Medallions
  • DR-403 Palm Lace Ribbons DR-403
    Palm Lace Ribbons
  • DR-404 Amber Antique Ovals DR-404
    Amber Antique Ovals
  • DR-405 Pink Vines DR-405
    Pink Vines
  • DR-406 Fig Trellis DR-406
    Fig Trellis
  • DR-407 Light Scrolls DR-407
    Light Scrolls
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