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A fresh, romantic & coquette collection to dress our youngest generations. It blends flirty flowers with geometric lines creating a charming look. With two playful & bubbly color palettes, Girly Girl will inspire you to create.


Girly Girl - Sweet Girl Palette

  • GIG-500 Peony Dangling OvalsGIG-500
    Peony Dangling Ovals
  • GIG-501 Olive VinesGIG-501
    Olive Vines
  • GIG-502 Orange Whispers GIG-502
    Orange Whispers
  • GIG-503 Turquoise Retro Bows GIG-503
    Turquoise Retro Bows
  • GIG-504 Minty Lollipops GIG-504
    Minty Lollipops
  • GIG-505 Rose Blooming Chain GIG-505
    Rose Blooming Chain
  • GIG-506 Sun-Kissed Bouquet GIG-506
    Sun-Kissed Bouquet
  • GIG-507 Creamy Reflection GIG-507
    Creamy Reflection
  • GIG-508 Golden Garden GIG-508
    Golden Garden


Girly Girl - Cool Girl Palette

  • GIG-600 Moss Dangling Ovals GIG-600
    Moss Dangling Ovals
  • GIG-601 Pink Vines GIG-601
    Pink Vines
  • GIG-602 Berry Whispers GIG-602
    Berry Whispers
  • GIG-603 Olive Retro Bows GIG-603
    Olive Retro Bows
  • GIG-604 Bubblegum Lollipops GIG-604
    Bubblegum Lollipops
  • GIG-605 White Blooming Chain GIG-605
    White Blooming Chain
  • GIG-606 Fresh Bouquet GIG-606
    Fresh Bouquet
  • GIG-607 Berry Reflection GIG-607
    Berry Reflection
  • GIG-608 Aqua Garden GIG-608
    Aqua Garden
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