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Born from a long heritage of craftsmanship and artisans, Indie celebrates austere, "back to the roots" beauty with globally-inspired prints in an eclectic palette of gold, emerald, orange, and berry.


Indie - Midnight Temple Palette

  • IN-5100 Wonderlust LunaIN-5100
    Wonderlust Luna
  • IN-5101 Hidden Treasures GemIN-5101
    Hidden Treasures Gem
  • IN-5102 Afro Fusion Dusk IN-5102
    Afro Fusion Dusk
  • IN-5103 Dynasty Saffron IN-5103
    Dynasty Saffron
  • IN-5104 Artist Kisses Mint IN-5104
    Artist Kisses Mint
  • IN-5105 Marqueterie Ginger IN-5105
    Marqueterie Ginger
  • IN-5106 Geisha Bliss IN-5106
    Geisha Bliss
  • IN-5107 Royal Nature Mist IN-5107
    Royal Nature Mist
  • IN-5108 Tapestry Calypso IN-5108
    Tapestry Calypso
  • IN-5110 Artist Kisses Lime IN-5110
    Artist Kisses Lime


Indie - Sunlight Bazaar Palette

  • IN-5200 Wonderlust Soleil IN-5200
    Wonderlust Soleil
  • IN-5201 Hidden Treasures Gold IN-5201
    Hidden Treasures Gold
  • IN-5202 Afro Fusion Dawn IN-5202
    Afro Fusion Dawn
  • IN-5203 Dynasty Mandarin IN-5203
    Dynasty Mandarin
  • IN-5204 Artist Kisses Pastel IN-5204
    Artist Kisses Pastel
  • IN-5205 Marqueterie Berry IN-5205
    Marqueterie Berry
  • IN-5206 Geisha Passion IN-5206
    Geisha Passion
  • IN-5207 Royal Nature Nectar IN-5207
    Royal Nature Nectar
  • IN-5208 Tapestry Spice IN-5208
    Tapestry Spice
  • IN-5209 Tapestry Salmon IN-5209
    Tapestry Salmon
Pat Bravo