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Indie Boheme

Pat’s love for faraway influences and bohemian style come to life in this collection.


Indie Boheme Romantic Boudoir

  • IBH-64200 Gitan Paradis PearlIBH-64200
    Gitan Paradis Pearl
  • IBH-64201 Brief Mementos PinkIBH-64201
    Brief Mementos Pink
  • IBH-64202 Boho Quest NightIBH-64202
    Boho Quest Night
  • IBH-64203 Trouvaille Routes Sand IBH-64203
    Trouvaille Routes Sand
  • IBH-64204 Vie de Bohème SunriseIBH-64204
    Vie de Bohème Sunrise
  • IBH-64205 Eternal Serenity Rose IBH-64205
    Eternal Serenity Rose
  • IBH-64206 Blooming Soul Laurel IBH-64206
    Blooming Soul Laurel
  • IBH-64207 Woodblock Spirit Crisp IBH-64207
    Woodblock Spirit Crisp
  • IBH-64208 Apatite CrystalIBH-64208
    Apatite Crystal
  • IBH-64209 Bohemian PatchworkIBH-64209
    Bohemian Patchwork



Indie Boheme Antique Dresser

  • IBH-74200 Gitan Paradis Foliage IBH-74200
    Gitan Paradis Foliage
  • IBH-74201 Brief Mementos LinenIBH-74201
    Brief Mementos Linen
  • IBH-74202 Boho Quest Day IBH-74202
    Boho Quest Day
  • IBH-74203 Trouvaille Routes Ocean IBH-74203
    Trouvaille Routes Ocean
  • IBH-74204 Vie de Bohème Sunset IBH-74204
    Vie de Bohème Sunset
  • IBH-74205 Eternal Serenity Coral IBH-74205
    Eternal Serenity Coral
  • IBH-74206 Blooming Soul PlumIBH-74206
    Blooming Soul Plum
  • IBH-74207 Woodblock Spirit Warm IBH-74207
    Woodblock Spirit Warm
  • IBH-74210 Trouvaille Routes SunIBH-74210
    Trouvaille Routes Sun
  • IBH-74211 Folk PleatsIBH-74211
    Folk Pleats




  • K-74206 Blooming Soul PlumK-74206
    Blooming Soul Plum
  • K-74201 Brief Mementos LinenK-74201
    Brief Mementos Linen
  • K-64204 Vie de Bohème SunriseK-64204
    Vie de Bohème Sunrise
  • K-64203 Trouvaille Routes Sand K-64203
    Trouvaille Routes Sand
  • K-64202 Boho Quest Night K-64202
    Boho Quest Night




  • V-74206 Blooming Soul PlumV-74206
    Blooming Soul Plum




  • C-74207 Woodblock Spirit WarmC-74207
    Woodblock Spirit Warm
Pat Bravo