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Scandinavian prints get revisited in this eclectic collection. Modernology redefines your idea Of avant-garde with its bold florals in rich hues of red and blue, mixed with bright lime and chocolate.


Modernology - Chic Pink Palette

  • MO-3800 Fashionable RougeMO-3800
    Fashionable Rouge
  • MO-3801 Avant Garden BlushMO-3801
    Avant Garden Blush
  • MO-3802 Contempo Blooms Warm MO-3802
    Contempo Blooms Warm
  • MO-3803 Drawn Art Vanilla MO-3803
    Drawn Art Vanilla
  • MO-3804 Floralism Fresh Grass MO-3804
    Floralism Fresh Grass
  • MO-3805 Impressions Sachet MO-3805
    Impressions Sachet
  • MO-3806 A la Mode Chocolate MO-3806
    A la Mode Chocolate
  • MO-3808 Posh Florets Deep MO-3808
    Posh Florets Deep
  • MO-3809 Mod Vines Rose MO-3809
    Mod Vines Rose
  • MO-3810 Mod Vines Raspberry MO-3810
    Mod Vines Raspberry


Modernology - Vogue Blue Palette

  • MO-4800 Fashionable Azure MO-4800
    Fashionable Azure
  • MO-4801 Avant Garden Blanc MO-4801
    Avant Garden Blanc
  • MO-4802 Contempo Blooms Cool MO-4802
    Contempo Blooms Cool
  • MO-4803 Drawn Art Cherry MO-4803
    Drawn Art Cherry
  • MO-4804 Floralism Deep Sea MO-4804
    Floralism Deep Sea
  • MO-4805 Impressions Capri MO-4805
    Impressions Capri
  • MO-4806 A la Mode Grey MO-4806
    A la Mode Grey
  • MO-4807 A la Mode Lime MO-4807
    A la Mode Lime
  • MO-4808 Posh Florets Bright MO-4808
    Posh Florets Bright
  • MO-4809 Mod Vines Aqua MO-4809
    Mod Vines Aqua
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