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A vintage feel that transports us to the 19th century French chateauxs with a modern interpretation. Two interchangeable palettes that will spark your creativity.


Paradise - Sunrise Palette

  • PA-200 Pink Squared FashionPA-200
    Pink Squared Fashion
  • PA-201 Orchid SparklesPA-201
    Orchid Sparkles
  • PA-202 Flashy Tealight PA-202
    Flashy Tealight
  • PA-203 Dark Chic Paper PA-203
    Dark Chic Paper
  • PA-204 Pink Eternal Sashes PA-204
    Pink Eternal Sashes
  • PA-205 Fresh Tiny Buds PA-205
    Fresh Tiny Buds
  • PA-206 Taupe Double Bloom PA-206
    Taupe Double Bloom
  • PA-207 Morning Showers PA-207
    Morning Showers
  • PA-208 Daylight Pond PA-208
    Daylight Pond


Paradise - Sunset Palette

  • PA-300 Blue Squared Fashion PA-300
    Blue Squared Fashion
  • PA-301 Teal Sparkles PA-301
    Teal Sparkles
  • PA-302 Ashy Tealight PA-302
    Ashy Tealight
  • PA-303 Light Chic Paper PA-303
    Light Chic Paper
  • PA-304 Green Eternal Sashes PA-304
    Green Eternal Sashes
  • PA-305 Soft Tiny Buds PA-305
    Soft Tiny Buds
  • PA-306 Ivory Double Bloom PA-306
    Ivory Double Bloom
  • PA-307 Evening Showers PA-307
    Evening Showers
  • PA-308 Twilight Pond PA-308
    Twilight Pond
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