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She is fearless & sophisticated. She dares to wear bold prints with bright hues of lemon, red & blue. She loves to be raptured by the beauty in everything she sees and wears her heart on her sleeve.


Citric Happiness Palette

  • RPT-1700 Dreamscape SunRPT-1700
    Dreamscape Sun
  • RPT-1701 Delicate Femme VanillaRPT-1701
    Delicate Femme Vanilla
  • RPT-1702 Wild Beauty Pineapple RPT-1702
    Wild Beauty Pineapple
  • RPT-1703 Butterfly Bliss Teal RPT-1703
    Butterfly Bliss Teal
  • RPT-1704 Euphloria Viridian RPT-1704
    Euphloria Viridian
  • RPT-1705 Bonbons Cerise RPT-1705
    Bonbons Cerise
  • RPT-1706 Hypnotic Paramour Red RPT-1706
    Hypnotic Paramour Red
  • RPT-1707 Saccharine Lemon RPT-1707
    Saccharine Lemon
  • RPT-1708 Windswept Ruby RPT-1708
    Windswept Ruby
  • RPT-1709 Vivacious Marvel Cherry RPT-1709
    Vivacious Marvel Cherry



Subtle Joy Palette

  • RPT-2700 Dreamscape Moon RPT-2700
    Dreamscape Moon
  • RPT-2701 Delicate Femme Apricot RPT-2701
    Delicate Femme Apricot
  • RPT-2702 Wild Beauty Saffron RPT-2702
    Wild Beauty Saffron
  • RPT-2703 Butterfly Bliss Aqua RPT-2703
    Butterfly Bliss Aqua
  • RPT-2704 Euphloria Coral RPT-2704
    Euphloria Coral
  • RPT-2705 Bonbons Candy RPT-2705
    Bonbons Candy
  • RPT-2706 Hypnotic Paramour Rose RPT-2706
    Hypnotic Paramour Rose
  • RPT-2707 Saccharine Caramel RPT-2707
    Saccharine Caramel
  • RPT-2708 Windswept Onyx RPT-2708
    Windswept Onyx
  • RPT-2709 Vivacious Marvel Orange RPT-2709
    Vivacious Marvel Orange
Pat Bravo