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Escape from the pressures of life and refresh your senses through soothing colors and trendy designs. Use these fabrics around your home as quilts and home decor products to accentuate a restful ambiance.


Revive - Aqua Palette

  • RE-7721 Eggshell Flower FusionRE-7721
    Eggshell Flower Fusion
  • RE-7722 Sea Graphic BloomsRE-7722
    Sea Graphic Blooms
  • RE-7723 Gray Blossom Clusters RE-7723
    Gray Blossom Clusters
  • RE-7724 Seafoam Refreshing Scroll RE-7724
    Seafoam Refreshing Scroll
  • RE-7725 Fresh Wispy Seedheads RE-7725
    Fresh Wispy Seedheads
  • RE-7726 Ocean Liberty RE-7726
    Ocean Liberty
  • RE-7727 Blue Restful Medallions RE-7727
    Blue Restful Medallions
  • RE-7728 Bahama Blue Stripes RE-7728
    Bahama Blue Stripes
  • RE-7729 Apricot Dotted Curves RE-7729
    Apricot Dotted Curves


Revive - Purple Palette

  • RE-8721 Dawn Flower Fusion RE-8721
    Dawn Flower Fusion
  • RE-8722 Lilac Graphic Blooms RE-8722
    Lilac Graphic Blooms
  • RE-8723 Aqua Blossom Clusters RE-8723
    Aqua Blossom Clusters
  • RE-8724 Taupe Refreshing Scroll RE-8724
    Taupe Refreshing Scroll
  • RE-8725 Almond Wispy Seedheads RE-8725
    Almond Wispy Seedheads
  • RE-8726 Beach Liberty RE-8726
    Beach Liberty
  • RE-8727 Cocoa Restful Medallions RE-8727
    Cocoa Restful Medallions
  • RE-8728 Vanilla Stripes RE-8728
    Vanilla Stripes
  • RE-8729 Plum Dotted Curves RE-8729
    Plum Dotted Curves
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