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Girly Girl turns into Wild Child in this daring collection. Feminine prints in subdued hues of pale pinks, dusty mauve, and rockin' greys inspire you to reveal your inner rockstar.


Rock 'n Romance - HeartBreaker Palette

  • RR-4400 Wild Heart DaringRR-4400
    Wild Heart Daring
  • RR-4401 Stardust DawnRR-4401
    Stardust Dawn
  • RR-4402 Retro Glam Ruby RR-4402
    Retro Glam Ruby
  • RR-4403 Haze of Rock RR-4403
    Haze of Rock
  • RR-4404 Rebel Cherie Kisses RR-4404
    Rebel Cherie Kisses
  • RR-4405 Vinyl Charms Scarlet RR-4405
    Vinyl Charms Scarlet
  • RR-4406 Ashen Rose Smoke RR-4406
    Ashen Rose Smoke
  • RR-4407 Playground Love Sugar RR-4407
    Playground Love Sugar
  • RR-4408 Stardust Twilight RR-4408
    Stardust Twilight
  • RR-4409 Femme Metale Chrome RR-4409
    Femme Metale Chrome


Rock 'n Romance - DreamMaker Palette

  • RR-4500 Wild Heart Spirited RR-4500
    Wild Heart Spirited
  • RR-4501 Stardust Dusk RR-4501
    Stardust Dusk
  • RR-4502 Retro Glam Plum RR-4502
    Retro Glam Plum
  • RR-4503 Haze of Love RR-4503
    Haze of Love
  • RR-4504 Rebel Cherie Whispers RR-4504
    Rebel Cherie Whispers
  • RR-4505 Vinyl Charms Bianca RR-4505
    Vinyl Charms Bianca
  • RR-4506 Ashen Rose Shimmer RR-4506
    Ashen Rose Shimmer
  • RR-4507 Playground Love Spice RR-4507
    Playground Love Spice
  • RR-4508 Stardust Midnight RR-4508
    Stardust Midnight
  • RR-4509 Femme Metale Steel RR-4509
    Femme Metale Steel
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