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Impressive, modish, & sophisticated is the perfect combination to describe this collection. An array of lofty, cutting-edge oriental designs, brushed with two vibrant & unique mixes of colors for endless possibilities around your home.


Shanghai Edition - Cool Palette

  • S-2020 Zhong Bloom PebbleS-2020
    Zhong Bloom Pebble
  • S-2021 Nanjing Florals ChocolateS-2021
    Nanjing Florals Chocolate
  • S-2022 Hankou Labyrinth Orchid S-2022
    Hankou Labyrinth Orchid
  • S-2023 Mudan Romance Periwinkle S-2023
    Mudan Romance Periwinkle
  • S-2024 Pudong Medallion Damask Teal S-2024
    Pudong Damask Teal
  • S-2025 Yangpu Diamonds Green S-2025
    Yangpu Diamonds Green
  • S-2026 Luwan Street Hexagons Mustard S-2026
    Luwan Hexagons Mustard
  • S-2027 Fujian Mum Fusion Slate S-2027
    Fujian Mum Fusion Slate


Shanghai Edition - Warm Palette

  • S-3020 Zhong Bloom Dusk S-3020
    Zhong Bloom Dusk
  • S-3021 Nanjing Florals Mauve S-3021
    Nanjing Florals Mauve
  • S-3022 Hankou Labyrinth Sunset Pink S-3022
    Hankou Labyrinth Pink
  • S-3023 Mudan Romance Moss S-3023
    Mudan Romance Moss
  • S-3024 Pudong Medallion Damask Brown S-3024
    Pudong Damask Brown
  • S-3025 Yangpu Diamonds Dove Grey S-3025
    Yangpu Diamonds Grey
  • S-3026 Luwan Street Hexagons Burnt Orange S-3026
    Luwan Hexagons Orange
  • S-3027 Fujian Mum Fusion Olive S-3027
    Fujian Mum Fusion Olive
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