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The name says it all... An alluring collection with seductive modern prints. Stunning colors give life to this combination of pop, retro and vintage designs that encourage you to design your best!


Sugar - Creamy Gelato Palette

  • SU-800 Glazed Heart ChainsSU-800
    Glazed Heart Chains
  • SU-801 Honey RibbonsSU-801
    Honey Ribbons
  • SU-802 Violet Lacy Charms SU-802
    Violet Lacy Charms
  • SU-803 Caramel Candies SU-803
    Caramel Candies
  • SU-804 Apricot Fizzy Bubbles SU-804
    Apricot Fizzy Bubbles
  • SU-805 Flashy Wheels SU-805
    Flashy Wheels
  • SU-806 Fuchsia Swirled Trees SU-806
    Fuchsia Swirled Trees
  • SU-807 Creamy Scents SU-807
    Creamy Scents
  • SU-808 Warm Whipped Florets SU-808
    Warm Whipped Florets


Sugar - Fruity Sherbet Palette

  • SU-900 Sugared Heart Chains SU-900
    Sugared Heart Chains
  • SU-901 Bubblegum Ribbons SU-901
    Bubblegum Ribbons
  • SU-902 Pink Lacy Charms SU-902
    Pink Lacy Charms
  • SU-903 Fruity Candies SU-903
    Fruity Candies
  • SU-904 Lime Fizzy Bubbles SU-904
    Lime Fizzy Bubbles
  • SU-905 Dazzling Wheels SU-905
    Dazzling Wheels
  • SU-906 White Swirled Trees SU-906
    White Swirled Trees
  • SU-907 Juicy Scents SU-907
    Juicy Scents
  • SU-908 Cool Whipped Florets SU-908
    Cool Whipped Florets
Pat Bravo