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Playful, fresh, and bubbly is the essence of this collection. A blend of modern form, function, and style. Chic Blooms combines eclectic flowers with swirls and soft geometric designs expressed in charming, mellow colors.


Chic Blooms - Cool Palette

  • CB-600 Bouquet Branches SalmonCB-600
    Bouquet Branches Salmon
  • CB-601 Circled Diamonds RoseCB-601
    Circled Diamonds Rose
  • CB-602 Cutout Ornaments Beige CB-602
    Cutout Ornaments Beige
  • CB-603 Flower Explosion Peach CB-603
    Flower Explosion Peach
  • CB-604 Graffiti Scribble Grey CB-604
    Graffiti Scribble Grey
  • CB-605 Lush Blossoms Blue-Peach CB-605
    Lush Blossoms Blue-Peach
  • CB-606 Oval Elements Blush CB-606
    Oval Elements Blush
  • CB-607 Swirls Blue CB-607
    Swirls Blue


Chic Blooms - Warm Palette

  • CB-700 Bouquet Branches Lemon CB-700
    Bouquet Branches Lemon
  • CB-701 Circled Diamonds Grey CB-701
    Circled Diamonds Grey
  • CB-702 Cutout Ornaments Pink CB-702
    Cutout Ornaments Pink
  • CB-703 Flower Explosion Butter CB-703
    Flower Explosion Butter
  • CB-704 Graffiti Scribble Green CB-704
    Graffiti Scribble Green
  • CB-705 Lush Blossoms Cream CB-705
    Lush Blossoms Cream
  • CB-706 Oval Elements Pink CB-706
    Oval Elements Pink
  • CB-707 Swirls Raspberry CB-707
    Swirls Raspberry
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